Clarendale Clayton Chef Participates in The Farm Table to Gilded Table Event

A hearty hurrah and a million thanks agreeing to help set the table on September 25 at The Farm Table to the Gilded Table: A Moveable Feast in Celebration of Ulysses S. Grant. Bicentennial.  An exciting event split between White Haven, The Ulysses S Grant National Historic Site (7400 Grant Road, St. Louis 63128) and at The Campbell House Museum (1508 Locust St. St. Louis, 63103). Each represents two periods in Grant’s life, 1845 and 1875, which serves as the inspiration for the food, beverage, and entertainment. Each of you, along with your food, is a star of the event.

Chefs slated for White Haven: Lou Rook, Chef Annie Gunn’s; Ben Welch, Botanica; Cassy Vires, Bailey’s Restaurant Group: Craig Basler, Dalie’s Smokehouse. Chefs slated for Campbell House: Jack Mac Murray, Old Hickory Golf Club; the AFC Chefs de Cuisine Saint Louis: and Adam Shaw, Clarendale Clayton.

KMOV, Channel 4, recently ran a segment on the upcoming event. View the story here. 

Following  is an overview of each site where more recipes, and  historical foodways material are  available for use. We can assist in obtaining any information you need to help inspire and aid in the creation of your featured dish for sampling.

White Haven (1845) is the Dent/Grant farm where Grant met his wife, Julia, and lived after his marriage. The site grew a variety of crops, had a chicken house, icehouse, and smoke house, which reflect the foods, including game and river fish. Several foods and their related stories are mentioned in Julia’s memoir. 

Campbell House (1875) is where Grant, a friend of Robert Campbell, was a guest on numerous occasions, is renowned for its Gilded Age dining and lavish dinner parties. Those foods and drinks are documented within the extensive Campbell House collection of culinary material and vintage recipes.