Town&Style Interviews Clarendale Clayton Director of Culinary Experience, Adam Shaw

Ever wonder what’s on the menu at Clarendale Clayton? Print and online publication T&S offers a delicious way to find out! In a June interview/article, reporter Stephanie Wallace features tasty tidbits from our creative genius in the kitchen—Chef Adam Shaw, Director of Culinary Experience.

  • Check out what goes into creating a spectacular menu.
  • Learn about the three dining concepts at Clarendale Clayton.
  • Read about the role residents play in what goes on the table.
  • Try one of his chef-favorite recipes: Pecan-Encrusted Salmon.

Here’s your chance to go behind the scenes. Find out how Clarendale Clayton’s respected chef translates his restaurant background in major hotels like the Ritz-Carlton into a true dining experience for an exceptional senior living community.

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